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FRIENDOR LOVE FRI-YAY | Erika Paola Makeup | Charleston Makeup Artist

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Erika Paola and immediately knew I wanted to feature her for this week’s Friendor Love Fri-YAY! She is a Charleston-based makeup artist and is incredibly talented. Check out her gorgeous work on the star of a recent family shoot, here.

Erika has quite the story to share, and I thrilled I get to share small piece of it here. I really can’t wait to work with her again soon! 

What's your story?

I was born in the middle of the world, 9350 ft. above sea level! In Ecuador's capital, Quito. I’m passionate about traveling, meeting people from around the world, exquisite authentic food, holistic wellness and energy healing. I love all things beautiful, from nature to architecture, from fashion to design, from art to makeup... I have lived most of my adulthood between Madrid, Barcelona, Firenze and New York. Studying and getting professional experience as an Artist, Interior Designer and Makeup Artist. I speak Spanish, English (with strong accent) Italian and some French. Makeup came into my life by chance, but it was like love at first sight! We crossed paths almost 15 years ago and I keep enjoying it now as I did the first day. I have been lucky to work with amazing, well known photographers, directors and makeup artists. My work has been published in national and International Magazines, featured in multinational Advertising campaigns and International Films. I’m always eager to learn, to grow and to somehow spread some beauty and smiles into the world! I now live in Charleston SC. one of the prettiest cities I’ve seen and N.1 Wedding Destination of the US! 

Describe your ideal client in three words?

trusting, relaxed, kind

The greatest part about working in such a creative industry?

Freedom to develop your artistic and creative skills. Being able to enhance women natural beauty and uniqueness through makeup.

What's the best relationship advice you've ever received?

I am not a savior, no one needs to be saved

If you could give one piece of advice to a bride who is searching for the perfect makeup artist for her wedding, what would it be?

Definitely book trial makeup sessions, be willing to invest in highly experienced, professional makeup artists with an extensive portfolio. Stay with the makeup artist that you felt more at ease with, you felt listened to and you absolutely loved the end result.

That one song that always gets ya on the dance floor?

Despacito - Luis Fonsi  

charleston makeup artist
images courtesy of Erika
Charleston makeup artist


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